Photophobia: It’s NOT the Fear of Photographs

Photophobia: It’s NOT the Fear of Photographs

Are you experiencing…

Eye strain, dizziness, eye irritation, redness, swelling, involuntary squinting, or do you find yourself always averting your gaze from light sources? You may have a condition that manifests itself by oversensitivity to light called Photophobia.

What is Photophobia?

First of all, photophobia is not a fear of pictures or photographs. Photophobia is a symptom of high intolerance to light perception. It manifests itself in obvious discomfort or pain to light sources, be them natural or artificial. Common artificial sources of light that trigger photophobia are incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Those who suffer from this condition may feel the irrepressible urge to squint or lower their eyes when entering a room or when viewing TV and computer screens.

What causes it?

While light sources can trigger photophobia, the light sources themselves are not responsible for the condition. In most cases it is not an eye disease but can be an indicator to underlying conditions like infection or inflammation. Individuals with light eye-color are also naturally more susceptible to light sensitivity in bright environments due to lack of pigment compared to those with darker eyes. Other common cause of photophobia can include corneal abrasion if the sufferer commonly wears contacts or has had refractive eye surgery.

Our light diffusers can help soften your surroundings

The best treatment if you think you may have this condition is to consult your physician and get to the bottom of the underlying issue. Once the trigger has been pinpointed and treatment undertaken, photophobia typically disappears. Until then, Diffuser Specialist can help soften the harsh fluorescent or incandescent lights that may be present at work and in your home. We carry a wide variety of wrap lenses, ceiling light covers, light diffusers, and are proud to offer NaturaLux™ Fluorescent light filters.

NaturaLux™ products are uniquely designed to reduce the glare of fluorescent lighting and eliminate UV radiation. For doctors offices, schools, and supermarkets these lighting filters are the most cost effective way to create a safer and more visually soothing environment by:

  • Absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Eliminating glare that causes headaches and eyestrains
  • Color correcting fluorescent lighting
  • Diffusing the brightness of your space

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