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Firstly, We’ve been in business over 25 years and we are a family business that’s proudly women-owned. When it comes to quality replacement lenses, light diffusers, and all other related products – we know our stuff to better serve you. It’s our pleasure and pride to offer you the products you desire at a price that’s fair, with an attention to customer service that is unparalleled throughout the industry. Please, browse around and get to know Diffuser Specialist – we especially hope you find what you’re looking for and much, much more.

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Fluorescent Light Covers? Replacement Lenses? We’ve Got ‘Em!

Browse our products to learn about Our quality, made in the U.S. fluorescent light covers, replacement lenses, diffusers, and other amazing products that we carry in our stock. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll find it for you. It’s our pride and pleasure to send you away with exactly what you need, at a price that’s fair. Our warehouse is always fully stocked and our staff is highly trained to cater to your needs, so let us know what you need and we’re here to help.

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eggcrate fluorescent light covers

The open cell eggcrate fluorescent light covers greatly improve ventilation; resulting in lower operating temperatures, thus improving lamp performance and increasing ballast life.

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Flat sheet

flatsheet fluorescent light covers

Flat sheet fluorescent light covers are extruded acrylic or polycarbonate plastic. Our flat sheets are available in many different styles, thicknesses and transparencies to fit just about any lighting need.

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globe light covers

A globe light cover is an acrylic or polycarbonate plastic sphere, streetlamp, cube, cylinder, or special shape with accessories designed for aftermarket distribution. These are great for outdoor, lamp-post style lighting and offer a decorative lighting environment as well as quality lighting.

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louvers fluorescent light covers

Retrofits are one of the most economical ways to save operational costs and ensure that all your light fixtures are optimized for maximum energy efficiency. Our Online Selection is Coming Soon, as well. To inquire about our retrofits or place an order, please contact us today.

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Warning Tape

tape light fixture repair parts

Warning tape is designed to alert excavators that buried utility lines are present so that none are damaged during digging. Our warning tape comes in two styles: non-detectable polyethylene, and metallic tape that can be located with a metal detector. Warning tape makes excavation, home additions, or any landscaping safer and easier because the utility lines will be easily detected and located on the property.

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Tube Guards

tubeguards fluorescent light covers and protectants

Tube Guards protect from the risk of damage if a fluorescent light shatters. A tube guard is an acrylic fluorescent lighting cover that slides over a florescent light and protects against shattered glass and control the release of toxins. In case of a fluorescent light breaking for any reason, you’ll be happy to have had a tube guard on it.

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Vapor Tight Covers

vaportight light covers

Vapor tight enclosures are light covers that are specially designed to be completely dust and moisture resistant. These are used in sterile environments because the Fluorescent Lighting is completely sealed. They are constructed of a fiberglass upper body and a high-impact acrylic/DR crepe pattern diffuser.

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Wrap Lenses

Wrap Lenses Fluorescent Light Covers

Wraparound replacement lenses are designed to restore a worn out lens which is yellow, broken, or discolored, due to wear and tear. Your lighting fixtures were designed for specific light distribution and their performance is impacted by the condition of the lighting diffusers, so it is very important to keep up with replacing your fluorescent light covers.

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LED Small Mounting Channel

small Mounting Channel small

The LED small mounting channel lens and base are perfect for LED Lighting installations under cabinets, counter top lighting, cove lighting, vanity, bathrooms, bars, restaurants, theaters, signs and displays because of their easy installation and convenient size. These are great for decorative and functional lighting environments because they are also more efficient and eco-friendly.

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NaturaLux™ Fluorescent Lighting Filters

Naturalux lens

Some people are more sensitive to the Radiation given off by Fluorescent Lighting because of medical conditions. Naturalux Fluorescent Lighting Filters reduce the glare of your fluorescent lighting and eliminate more UV radiation, so the effects are lessened . Most of All, Overlay lenses are easy to install and are designed to rest on top of your existing prismatic lens or parabolic louver.

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  • Randy
    Highly Recommend Diffuser Specialist

    We could not find any manufactured safety covers that would work for our warehouse lights at Oats Overnight. Nick at Diffuser Specialist designed custom light shields based on our rough measurements and some poor quality photos. Their turnaround was fast, their price very reasonable, but I was most amazed that when they arrived, they all fit like a glove as if Nick had been here measuring the lights himself.

    Great job Nick! I highly recommend Diffuser Specialist, their service, quality and value are all outstanding.

  • Perfect in fit, finish, and quality!

    To the team @ Diffuser Specialists,

    I received my diffuser’s today and I’m happy to report that they are “perfect” in fit, finish and quality. It saved me from having to replace the entire fixture with something new.

    I appreciate your expert help and customer service even though this was a relatively small job. I had searched a good bit and no one offered exactly what I was looking for.



  • Pete Cougan
    Satisfied Customer!!!!

    Guess what Nick? I got my new diffusers today and they “fit like a glove” (as they say)!!! Thanks sooooo much for your help. You guys are “the goods” (we say that in Brooklyn, where I come from).

    Satisfied Customer!!!

    Pete Cougan
  • Andrew Munrow via Facebook
    Remarkable Home Lighting

    I find your product perfect for my house, it has a beautiful shine to it and I get lots of comments about the lights. 

    Andrew Munrow via Facebook