NaturaLux™ LED and Fluorescent Lighting Filters

This product is uniquely designed to reduce the glare of LED or fluorescent lighting and eliminate UV radiation. For doctors offices, schools, and supermarkets these lighting filters are the most cost effective way to create a safer and more visually soothing environment. Numerous studies have shown that fluorescent lighting can have adverse affects on your health especially in persons with Lupus. The UV radiation from artificial lighting, even a small amount, can cause Lupus flare ups that leave people dizzy, disoriented, and lengthy exposure can irritate skin rashes.

Office_With_Without_NaturaLuxNaturaLux™ LED and fluorescent lighting filters are are noticeably different in color rendering, and can help create a safe environment for schools and doctors offices, places where people are exposed to fluorescent lighting for long periods of time.

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What Exactly Does A NaturaLux™ Filter Do?

  • Absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Eliminates the glare that causes headaches and eyestrain.
  • Filters out color balanced and color correct fluorescent lighting.
  • Increases the perceived brightness of your space.

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Learn about how NaturaLux™ LED and fluorescent lighting filters have transformed indoor work and learning environments with fewer headaches, less fatigue and increased productivity.


NaturaLux™ Overlay Lenses

Overlay lenses are easy to install, designed to rest on top of your existing prismatic lens or parabolic louver.


NaturaLux™ Tube Guards

Tube guards are designed to slide over fluorescent bulbs with the same color correcting and UV filtering features.

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