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eggcrate fluorescent light covers

The open cell eggcrate fluorescent light covers greatly improve ventilation, resulting in lower operating temperatures, thus improving lamp performance and increasing ballast life.

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Flat sheet

flatsheet fluorescent light covers

Flat sheet fluorescent light covers are extruded acrylic or polycarbonate plastic. Our flat sheets are available in many different styles, thicknesses and transparencies.

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globe light covers

A globe light cover is an acrylic or polycarbonate plastic sphere, streetlamp, cube, cylinder, or special shape with accessories designed for aftermarket distribution.

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louvers fluorescent light covers

Retrofits are an economical way to save operational costs and ensure that all your light fixtures are optimized for maximum energy efficiency. Our online selection is coming soon. To inquire about our retrofits or place an order please contact us today.

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Warning Tape

tape light fixture repair parts

Warning tape is designed to alert excavators that buried utility lines are present. Our warning tape comes in non-detectable polyethylene styles or metallic tape that can be located with a metal detector.

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Tube Guards

tubeguards fluorescent light covers and protectants

A tube guard is an fluorescent light cover made of an acrylic plastic sleeve that slides over a florescent light to protect against shattered glass and control the release of toxins.

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Vapor Tight Covers

vaportight light covers

Vapor tight enclosures are light covers that are completely dust and moisture resistant. They are constructed of a fiberglass upper body and a high-impact acrylic/DR crepe pattern diffuser.

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Wrap Lenses

Wrap Lenses Fluorescent Light Covers

Wraparound replacement lenses that are designed to restore a worn out old, yellowed or broken wrap lens. Your lighting fixtures were designed for specific light distribution and their performance is impacted by the condition of the lighting diffuser.

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LED Small Mounting Channel

small Mounting Channel small

The LED small mounting channel lens and base are perfect for installations under cabinets, counter top lighting, cove lighting, vanity, bathrooms, bars, restaurants, theaters, signs and displays.

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NaturaLux™ Fluorescent Lighting Filters

Naturalux lens

Reduce the glare of your fluorescent lighting and eliminate UV radiation. Overlay lenses are easy to install, designed to rest on top of your existing prismatic lens or parabolic louver.

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