Reduce Headaches with Wrap Lenses

Reduce Headaches with Wrap Lenses

Fluorescent lighting gets a bad wrap, but there’s a reason why it’s the most common lighting solution. Fluorescent bulbs use up less energy, generate less heat and produce more light than other lighting alternatives. For businesses with office buildings, this is the most energy efficient and cost effective choice. Aside from all of the cost benefits, fluorescent lighting is a problem for a lot of people.

Headaches, Eyestrain and Glare, Oh My!

Okay the title is really cheesy, but it just came to me while thinking about all of the harmful effects of the fluorescent lighting. I’m sitting under a fluorescent light right now actually. Maybe you are too? The glare doesn’t make Friday’s go by any faster. Glare has been know to cause headaches from day-to-day exposure, even migraines! Lucky for me, and other employees in my office, all of our bulbs are covered with the finest acrylic plastic and fluorescent lighting filters known to man. But, you may not be so lucky.

The Serious Problem

Patient’s with Lupus, if you have a history of skin irritations due to the autoimmune disease Lupus, you are especially vulnerable to the harmful side effects of fluorescent lighting. The problem with fluorescent lighting fixtures is that, light isn’t the only thing that needs filtering. A small about of harmful UV radiation is projected from fluorescent lightbulbs every second. Longer exposure has even been know to discolor clothing and spoil food. Learn more at

What Do You Do When There’s Nowhere to Run?

fluorescent light coverThere really is nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide! Fluorescent lighting is pretty much every where; grocery stores, shopping malls, and doctors offices almost always have fluorescent lighting. So, how do we make it bearable, even pleasing to the eyes? You’ll have to talk to us about that! We are a lighting company specializing in lighting filters and products like fluorescent wrap lenses, that reduce the unpleasantness of the fluorescent bulb.


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