Fluorescent / LED Wrap Lenses & LED / Fluorescent Light Fixture Covers

Wrap Lenses Fluorescent Light Covers - Diffuser SpecialistWe offer a wide range of extruded acrylic wraparound replacement lenses that are designed to restore a worn out old, yellowed or broken wrap lens.  Fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures were designed for specific light distribution and their performance is impacted by the condition of the Led or Fluorescent Light Fixture Covers attached to them. By replacing wraparound diffusers with our extruded replacement led / fluorescent light fixture cover, you can restore the efficiency, appearance, and performance of the fixture. These are incredibly easy to install or replace, so keeping them up to date is a simple task.

Our Wrap Lenses come in lengths up to 8 feet and are designed for 1 light, 2 light, and 4 light fixtures. We even have wraps specifically for under counter fixtures. Contact us today with your wrap lens needs and we’ll be happy to get you what you need. 

Check Out Our Ready-To-Go Wrap Lenses Light Fixture Covers

Download, save, and print our wrap lenses product spec sheet for your convenience:

View Our Puff Cloud Diffusers

See the description, specs, and order instructions for these decorative and functional diffusers, perfect for adding aesthetic to your led or fluorescent light fitxture covers:

puff cloud diffuser

Puff Cloud Diffusers

View Our Circleline Lenses

View the product description, specs, and ordering information for our circleline lenses. These lenses work well on ceilings as well as walls, and are very useful and effective as led or fluorescent light fixture covers. 

Circleline Lenses

How to order Wrap Lenses & Light Fixture Covers from Diffuser Specialist

Download and print the Diffuser Specialist Wrap Lenses order form PDF by clicking on the link. (Having trouble? Download the latest Adobe PDF reader here.)(Using Internet Explorer? Right-click the Order Form button and select “Save target as” to initiate download.)

Step One

Step 2 - Wrap Lense Diffuser Specialist Order

Measure the overall width of the wrap lens.

Step Two

Step 3 - Wrap Lense Diffuser Specialist Order

Measure the overall height of the wrap lens.

Step Three

Step 4 - Wrap Lense Diffuser Specialist Order

Measure the overall length of the wrap lens.

Step Four

Step 2 - Wrap Lense Diffuser Specialist Order

Measure wrap lens from hook to hook. (space between hooks)

Order Form

Step Five

Step 5 Wrap lense Diffuser Specialist Order

Place the wrap lens on a piece of paper and trace all around the edges.

Step Six

Step 6 - Wrap lense Diffuser Specialist Order

Write the measurements next to your tracing. This will help us find the exact wrap lens you are looking for.

Step Seven

Scan your document, fill out the order form below, and upload your completed order form before you send.

If you wish, you may fax your document to: (210) 340-0568.


A diffuser specialist representative will be in touch with you shortly to process payment and complete your order.

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