Suspended Ceiling Light Diffusers

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Why should you choose to order your suspended ceiling light diffusers or other lighting filters from Diffuser Specialist? For starters, we strive to not only provide the best service possible to our current and potential customers, but it’s also our goal to educate our customers in regard to selecting the right diffuser for their respective projects. Here is what a recent customer had to say about her experience with Diffuser Specialist: “I know nothing about diffusers, but needed to replace some in my house… Even though DS usually deals with bigger quantities, they were so kind and helpful – they found exactly what I needed. Thank you guys so much!”

Selecting the right diffuser can help you save on energy consumption and allow you to create an alluring ambiance. Here are some additional benefits of choosing the right diffuser:

Increased workplace productivity – Based upon case studies that have been conducted, workplace lighting that has been upgraded or renovated resulted in increased worker satisfaction and employee productivity.

Protection against dust and humidity – Purchasing lights can be a significant investment for many businesses. Lights are exposed to a variety of elements depending upon the workplace, like dust and humidity, so installing diffusers is one of the most effective solutions for protecting

Safer working environment – Although many eye doctors claim that reading in the dark will not result in any lasting damage to your eyesight, insufficient lighting can cause a significant amount of eyestrain. Installing suspended ceiling light diffusers is one of the recommended ways to combat harsh indoor lighting conditions. These diffusers can also protect employees from workplace accidents.

But, what separates us from other lighting specialists is the fact that if we don’t have the specific diffusers for your project needs, then we will have them custom made for you. In addition to suspended ceiling light diffusers, we also specialize in many other products including:

Eggcrates – The open cell eggcrate fluorescent light covers greatly improve ventilation, resulting in lower operating temperatures, thus improving lamp performance and increasing ballast life.

Flatsheets – Flat sheet fluorescent light covers are extruded acrylic or polycarbonate plastic. Our flat sheets are available in many different styles, thicknesses and transparencies.

Globes – A globe light cover is an acrylic or polycarbonate plastic sphere, streetlamp, cube, cylinder, or special shape with accessories designed for aftermarket distribution.

Retrofits – Retrofits are an economical way to save operational costs and ensure that all your light fixtures are optimized for maximum energy efficiency. Our online selection is coming soon. To inquire about our retrofits or place an order please contact us today.

Tube Guards – A tube guard is an fluorescent light cover made of an acrylic plastic sleeve that slides over a florescent light to protect against shattered glass and control the release of toxins.

Vapor Tights – Vapor tight enclosures are light covers that are completely dust and moisture resistant. They are constructed of a fiberglass upper body and a high-impact acrylic/DR crepe pattern diffuser.

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