Lighting Ergonomics 101: Parabolic Louvers & Other Tips


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If your job is set in an office environment all week, then it’s possible that you have suffered from eye fatigue at some point in your career. Since improper lighting is a growing epidemic in office environments around the world; many office owners are left searching for ways to improve the overall visual comfort within their work spaces. Here are some of the most common complaints that correspond to poor office lighting: difficulty seeing documents or screens, eyestrain, eye irritation, blurred vision, dry burning eyes, and headaches. But, it’s also important to remember that too much light can result in painful glares that can be just as detrimental as poorly lit conditions. Did you know that A comfortable visual environment should always possess many of these qualities?


  • Sufficient light – Enough light that does not overly saturate the workspace.


  • Minimal shadows – Ensure that all lights are strategically installed around the office.


  • Adequate contrast – A (gentle) contrast should be created between the task and the background.


  • Reduced glare – Avoid excessive lighting to help reduce glare.


  • Suggested lights – A recommended way to improve the overall visual comfort in an office with several computer terminals is to install parabolic louvers. Louvres are ideal for evenly disturbing light in an office environment, while reducing both the brightness and glare of the bulbs being used.


In addition to installing the right type of lights, eye discomfort can also be reduced by using some other easy strategies.There’ve been many breakthroughs regarding lighting filters in recent years, including NaturaLux™ Fluorescent Lighting Filters, that are designed to reduce the glare of fluorescent lighting and eliminate UV radiation. These filters have not only been popular in many different office applications, but also in supermarkets and schools. NaturaLux™ filters are noticeably different in color rendering, and can help create a safe environment for schools and doctors’ offices, places where people are exposed to fluorescent lighting for long periods of time.


Given that many people rely on computers to help them complete the tasks of their office jobs; there are also some suggestions that can help reduce eye discomfort that may be caused from their monitors. First, don’t be afraid to adjust the brightness and contrast settings to achieve comfortable screen viewing. Avoid placing computer monitors directly below overhead lights whenever possible, or angle the monitor away from any lights, windows, etc. Finally, only use task lamps as needed to view documents in your office.


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