Light Filters Helping Kids Learn

Light Filters Helping Kids Learn

Over the years there have been many attempts to reform the public education system in America. Worries about our students’ diminishing competitiveness when compared to the rest of the world have led to legislative reforms and more versions of standardized testing. It’s debatable whether or not these new educational benchmarks are actually being met or whether they are really effective. While the data continues to roll in, some researchers are looking at other areas that might affect a student’s ability to learn, retain, and apply information successfully in the classroom. One area often overlooked, but as it turns out may be one of the easiest ways to improve classroom performance is simply replacing overhead light filters.

Concentrating in class has always been a problem for students, especially at a younger age. There are many triggers that may make learning more difficult from day to day. There may be issues in the classroom or issues at home, but one trigger that affects all students is classroom lighting. In any industry, lighting is critical to employee performance and production. Why is it then that when it comes to education it seems our students are being overlooked? The main culprit behind headaches, lack of concentration, eye fatigue, and lethargy is fluorescent lighting. Even when you can’t immediately tell, fluorescent lighting operates at a flickering frequency that reduces the amount of serotonin in the brain – a chemical neurotransmitter responsible for cognitive function, memory, and learning.

There are alternatives that can help mitigate effects of overexposure to overhead fluorescent lighting. The easiest one is to let in more natural lighting by opening windows or drawing back shades. Additionally, installing


skylights or strategically placing lamps in the classroom can help. However, many times in an educational environment, these options aren’t practical. Luckily there is a commercial solution specifically designed to combat negative effects of fluorescent lighting. It’s a light filter called NatraLux.

This product is uniquely designed to reduce the glare of fluorescent lighting and eliminate UV radiation. For doctors offices, schools, and supermarkets these lighting filters are the most cost effective way to create a safer and more visually soothing environment. For more information on NatraLux fluorescent light filters, click on the button below.

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