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Fluorescent lighting is hugely popular because of its energy efficiency and need for minimal maintenance. If you look around, you’ll see that there is fluorescent lighting in just about any office building, retail store, hospital, school, or anywhere else you go. While there are many advantages to having fluorescent lights in these environments, there are certain situations where having a fluorescent light filter can have even more advantages while decreasing the risk of certain undesired effects that may occur.  At Diffuser Specialist we carry Naturalux™ Fluorescent light filters that can improve the way you enjoy fluorescent lighting!

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Fluorescent lights are wonderful because of their low maintenance and long lifespan of providing energy efficient lighting, however some of the UV rays created by them can lead to less than desirable effects. Things like migraines, Lupus flare-ups, increased fatigue and eye strain can all be side effects of over exposure to fluorescent lighting. Luckily, a Naturalux™ Fluorescent Light Filter can be an easy fix for all these issues. A Naturalux™ filter works to absorb the harmful UV rays emitted by fluorescent lights and can help provide a healthier way to enjoy the benefits of fluorescent lighting, without the headaches. Adding a Naturalux™ Fluorescent Light Filter to your fluorescent lights will decrease the amount of glare created while increasing the perceived brightness of an area. Get ready for a more comfortable environment for you and everyone else!


These fluorescent light filters are easy to install and are designed to last. There are a couple options when choosing your Naturalux™ filters; The overlay Lens and Fluorescent tube guards. The overlay lens is a flat sheet diffuser style filter that covers the entire light for fixtures built into raised ceilings, while the tube guards easily fit over individual fluorescent bulbs. Both options provide an amazing lighting experience that will make you fully appreciate the difference Naturalux™ filters provide.


We have made it easier than ever to order Naturalux Fluorescent light filters to fit your needs. These filters are perfect for hospitals, office buildings, schools, or any other environment where people spend extended amounts of time under fluorescent lights. If you have any questions about these, or any of our products, please contact us today and one of our highly trained lighting experts will be happy to help!

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