Flat Sheet Light Diffuser Panels

Diffuser Specialist Flat sheet replacement fluorescent light diffuser panels are constructed of extruded acrylic or polycarbonate plastic for best results and quality. They are available in many different styles, thicknesses and transparencies for different needs, and are usually used for lay-in fixture and other lighting applications. Popular applications for flat sheet light diffuser panels can be seen in schools, commercial buildings, hospitals, and almost all hallways because of their general quality and easy installation. Flat sheets are some of the most commonly used fluorescent light diffuser panels. Diffuser Specialist carries many versions and types of flat sheet, so that whatever your project is we’ve almost certainly got what you need. We can also custom produce flat sheet in sizes that are not commonly available, if you have non-standard-sized light fixtures. To order flat sheet light diffuser panels from Diffuser Specialist, simply fill out the form below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our order form, don’t hesitate to put any and all special requests & instructions you may have in the comments area below. Chances are we have it, and if we don’t – we’ll make it for you.

Clear and Textured Diffuser Specialist Flat Sheet

Cracked Ice Flat Sheet DIffuser Specialist

dur-iflex Diffuser Specialist Flat Sheet

Flatsheet Diffuser Specialist Fluorescent Light Covers

Product Information Sheets

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We stock many materials that compose our flat sheets to best fit your needs. Contact us today for more information about our flat sheet materials or to find which style is best for your project:


Acrylic flat sheet is best used when
yellowing and long-term use is a concern.


Polycarbonate is best used when the fixture
is in a place of volatility and breakage is a concern.

Common Terms

Flat sheet is also commonly termed:

  • Flat lenses
  • Light panels
  • Diffuser panels
  • Lay-in acrylic
  • Prismatic lenses
  • Troffer lenses
  • Fluorescent diffusers

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