5 Reasons To Replace Your Fluorescent Light Covers

5 Reasons To Replace Your Fluorescent Light Covers

Fluorescent lighting is pretty hard to get away from these days. In our homes, offices and schools, lighting with CFL’s and tubes is the most cost effective way to light a room. Fluorescent lighting is also known for being harsh on the eye’s and skin, especially high output bulbs that give off a considerable amount of UV radiation. If your sitting underneath one of these bad boys right now, your going to want to 5 reasons why its time to trade up your fluorescent light covers.

fluorescent lighting headachesHeadaches

Office employees have been tormented by the confines of the modern office for a long time now. But, while many blame their frequent headaches on the supervisor, there is an unsuspecting antagonizer in their midst. Lurking above, the fluorescent light fixture beams out UV radiation on a daily basis causing eye-strain and eventually headaches for office employees.

Studies have shown that fluorescent lighting is directly linked to headaches, cause by the daily flicker of tubes or uncovered CFL’s. The problem worsens when the bulb is out-dated or remains uncovered for long periods of time.


The eye-strain at work is caused by not only the computer screen that you stare at constantly, but the overhead fluorescent’s with out-dated plastic light covers. When light covers age they tend to weaken in there filtering capabilities. Thus, those burning high output fluorescents put a massive glare and strain on your eyes.

Poor Color Rendering

Everybody has a preference when it comes to lighting. Soft, harsh, cool or warm, but most fluorescent are limited in their color rendering capabilities. Fluorescent covers can help filter the light that comes out of that ugly fluorescent bulb and soften the aesthetics of a room. Every one complains about the way they look under fluorescent light, but their is a simple solution if you know where to look. Check out NaturaLux.

Poor Light Distribution

Depending on the space that needs lighting, you may want the distribution to cover a large surface area or a smaller more concentrated area. Plastic light cover diffusers do exactly that. They diffuse the light from a concentrated bulb and distribute it into a softer, more visually pleasing space.

Cracked or Yellowing Covers

If you’ve let your fixtures go too long without replacing the plastic cover, chances are their starting to get that ugly yellow tint. This is a great indication that it is definitely time to replace the cover. Out-dated covers are the leading cause of the 4 things discussed above. Over time they all become brittle, but if you buy your replacement in durable acrylic or polycarbonate, you won’t have to worry about it for a while.

Find the custom sized, replacement plastic light cover you need to fix the problem today. Browse are products and order online: wrap lenses, flat sheets, eggcrates, louvers.

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  1. I agree with you when you said that the burning high output from fluorescent lights can strain your eyes. It’s hard to work if your eyes easily get tired because of the light exposure coming from the computer and the light above you. I often experience this in my private working table at home. It’s a good thing that you gave me an idea about fluorescent light covers. I think I will get one of these any time soon.

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