Wrap Lenses 101: Efficacy vs Efficiency

Wrap Lenses 101: Efficacy vs Efficiency

Whenever you flick a light switch it’s easy to forget how much science is behind the light you use. It’s easy to head down to Walmart, pick up a pack of bulbs, pop off those wrap lenses and stick one in the empty socket. How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb? You – just you. How many people did it take to get the lighting industry where it’s at today? Many – like a lot.

Part of any scientists and researchers job when it comes to lighting is to try and develop a light bulbs that operate at high efficacy and efficiency levels. You may have seen these terms inked on the outside of your fluorescent light bulb box. Many give no thought to them, but they are important in understanding whether or not you should consider switching bulb type or even your wrap lenses. So let’s break things down.

Light Efficacy

Light efficacy or more appropriately known as luminous efficacy is the measure of how well a particular light source produces visible light. Basically it is the ratio of perceived power output (strength of the light = lumens) to the actual power being used. It is important to keep in mind that not all wavelengths of light are equally stimulating to the human eye such as ultraviolet light. With this in mind, you should consider whether or not some of the bulbs in your home are consuming far more energy than the visible amount of light they actually emit.

Light Efficiency

Efficiency is the actual percentage of power in which comes out as photons. Or more plainly – what percentage of power that goes in comes out as light. Keep in mind that much of a bulbs energy is lost through heat. Efficiency is stated in percentage – based on the ratio of total energy in vs useful energy out – so if an LED is 30% efficient and it’s consuming 30W, it’s outputting 3W of light (useful energy) and 7W of heat (wasted energy).

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