Using Ceiling Light Panels

ceiling light panels

Lighting plays a much bigger role in our lives than we tend to realize. It often goes unnoticed because of other decor, our day to day hustle and bustle, and because it is always there. We tend to forget lighting because we use it all the time. So why not use it to benefit your environment more? We do better in our lives when our world is well lit. And a great and often shrugged off idea is utilizing ceiling light panels. The idea of ceiling light panels brings the thought of the old kitchens or of cold mega-stores, but that is no longer true. Ceiling light panels can be used in the home or office and can have great benefits.


In the home lighting makes a big impact. It can be used to highlight certain architectural details or a room’s focal point. Lighting creates ambiance and makes a room feel warm. One of the best places to use ceiling light panels is the kitchen because these panels give off a lot of light that is diffused, which means that it is spread out more evenly. This is great for all those home foodies out there that need to see every detail of what they’re doing as they prepare dinner. Ceiling light panels also work wonders in home workshops and basements. They can evenly and effectively light up a larger area than a regular ceiling light fixture can. Especially if you’re working with sharp tools in your home workshop, you want to make sure you have plenty of light. Ceiling light panels are fantastic in your basement as well. Because they light up a large area it doesn’t take as many lights to give you the bright basement you want.


Ceiling light panels are also great for your work environment. Whether you work in an office or in a more of an industrial setting, this type of light fixture will work for you. Ceiling light panels are available in a couple different materials, which makes them ideal for either situation. Acrylic works best to stave off yellowing for long term use. This is fitting for any office, or even retail, situation. They can also be made of polycarbonate, which is tougher than acrylic, and is best for places that needs more resilience from a fixture and where potential breakage may be a concern. Ceiling light panels can do more than just diffuse light. You can get a light control film to use with your light panels as well that will offer more directional control for your light. This film can also be used in wall mounted fixtures, which makes it versatile. You can order ceiling light panels that are textured, such as smooth, matte, or cracked ice. You can also get ceiling light panels that are prismatic, or have specialty films or textures.


It’s amazing what you can see when your world is properly lit around you. Ceiling light panels can help you do that, whether it’s for work or for the home, this customizable fixture can be a wonderful addition to any environment. Be sure to contact the lighting experts at with any questions today, they are more than willing to answer any query you may have.

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