Top 5 Online Support Communities for People Fighting Lupus

Top 5 Online Support Communities for People Fighting Lupus

The triumphs and tribulations of Lupus patients and a new solution to reduce the risk of flare-ups. 

In our rapidly expanding world, fluorescent lighting is more abundant than the corner Starbucks. Compromising the pleasing warm glow of incandescent lighting for the energy/cost efficiency of fluorescent bulbs, many offices, and now even some homes, have installed the relatively cold and lifeless alternative. Although florescent lighting has the advantage of lasting six times longer and being up to 66% cheaper than regular incandescent, many people report headaches and eyestrain after being forced to work under their harsh glare and uneven lighting.

However, one group of people in particular is affected by fluorescent lighting in ways that are more than just bothersome. Fluorescent lights can be extremely harmful, even triggering devastating and painful flare-ups for people who are fighting Lupus- an autoimmune disease that is more prevalent than sickle cell anemia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and cystic fibrosis combined.

Lupus and UV Radiation

Symptoms of a lupus flare-up include increased general irritation, skin rash, and even fainting in the presence of UV rays from fluorescent light sources. Fluorescent lighting produces harmful UV radiation similar to the sun, and due to increased photosensitivity; this harsh light can be the source skin flare-ups for people with the autoimmune disease Lupus. Talk to your doctor about the effect of fluorescent lighting and the severity of your condition.

Many online support communities have surfaced and even taken to the blogosphere concerning Lupus and how to live more comfortably with Lupus. These are our top five Lupus related blogs that chronicle the inspiring everyday triumphs and tribulations of those fighting Lupus

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Life Despite Lupus

life despite lupus


Face Forward




despite lupus


naturalux installation We’re proud to mention that at Diffuser Specialist we offer revolutionary NaturaLux™ filters, the perfect solution to help Lupus sufferers avoid flare-ups from fluorescent lighting. By absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays, the filters allow photosensitive lupus patients to be safe under fluorescent fixtures.

Simply insert the inlay into your fluorescent light fixture at home or at work, and enjoy a warm color rendering, reduced glare and no more harmful UV radiation.

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