Reduce glare from overhead lights with NaturaLux

NaturaLux fluorescent lighting filters are ideal for those seeking to reduce glare from overhead lights in the workplace, at home, and more.

These fluorescent lighting filters work by doing two things: minimizing the glare reflected from the ceiling space while also lowering the amount of light to a more tolerable level.

What’s the big deal with glare?

Glare is a burden on the eyes and is known to cause visual fatigue and strain.

(Note: Both direct light and indirect light, such as reflections, can be sources of a glare).

Protecting eyes now can also mean preserving their health into the future.

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), “young adults typically have healthy eyes and vision, but it is important to know how to protect your eyes and vision during everyday activities.”

They add the following: “Most digital devices and newer LED and fluorescent lights emit more wavelengths near the shorter, or bluer, part of the spectrum. High and continual exposure to these wavelengths can cause slow damage to the retina, which may result in problems like age-related macular degeneration later in life.”

Signs of age-related macular degeneration can include unclear or blurred vision, increased sensitivity to glare, and difficulty reading.

Whether still working or retired, those symptoms don’t sound like anything anyone wants to experience!

What are the benefits of reducing glare from overhead lights?

Whether you are a teacher focusing on a bright white-board, or someone who works at home squinting at a screen for multiple hours each day, reducing glare from overhead lights can have a number of benefits for you, including the following:

-Improved safety

-Increased productivity

-Better job performance

-Fewer sick days

-General comfort

-Job satisfaction

Overhead lights are found in offices, classrooms, and more, and can be a hazard to those working or playing. Consider NaturaLux for reducing glare from overhead lights today. Give us a call at (951) 735-6285.

What are some negative impacts of glare?

A glare can overwork eyes, causing eyestrain, headaches, and even exhaustion.

In fact, eye complaints in the workplace are quite common, with around 4 out of 5 individuals saying they suffer from vision-related issues. Glares not only hurt productivity levels, but they can also cause more sick days and lower levels of employee satisfaction, which can lead to higher turnover rates and possibly higher operation costs, etc.

Additional facts about glares

  • There are known to be four varying degrees, which include: uncomfortable, distracting, blinding, and disabling.
  • They are known to impact those at an older age, particularly those with developing or current eye conditions, such as cataracts.

Find the solution here…

NaturaLux fixes glare caused by overhead lights in the workplace. Our filters reduce the reflection emitted by ceiling lights.

Are you or your workers as happy and as productive as you should be? Could you benefit from reduced glare? To know more about NaturaLux, visit here or call (951) 735-6285.

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