A Lighting Strategy Will Make your Retail Business Shine

A Lighting Strategy Will Make your Retail Business Shine

If you’re in retail, you know that every day is a chance to refine how you operate your business. Whether it be training seminars, the latest software, or carefully selecting the products you feel will bring in the most customers, at the end of the day it’s all about crunching numbers and calculating your ROI. What if there was a one-time investment you could make that would increase that return – would you take advantage of it?

If you want to increase product appeal, store layout, customer in-store time, and save some money in the long run, think about the following when it comes to revamping your business’s lighting.

Think about Presentation

As a business owner you probably already do. Your displays are spotless, the aisles clean and orderly, your employees dressed to a tack. However, not many consider the effect their lighting choices have on the appearance of their products, displays, and perceived store layout. Depending on your primary colors, the store’s construction materials, and size – different lighting temperatures, hues and light diffusers will either help or hinder you when it comes to how your presentation is received.

Consider the Economics

Being in business is all about dollars and cents. As an owner you’re tasked with decreasing overhead and as a result – increasing your margins. It’s important to consider how an in-store lighting strategy can help you achieve this. Not only can revamping your lighting increase product appeal, it can also save you real money when it comes to energy expenses. If you’re operating with old, outdated bulbs and fixtures – replace them. This investment now will pay big dividends in the future.

Be Creative

Some of the most attractive retail stores are those that are creative in their lighting choices. Rather than simply selecting a uniform ambiance, you should look for ways you can create focus on particular parts of your store. Have a new product or a sale you’d like to be noticed? Experiment with accent lighting and different hues that will guide your customers throughout the store and keep their interest.

Keep the Customer in Mind

Always keep the customer in mind. Sometimes it’s easy as a business owner to become comfortable with the status quo. Those harsh halogen lamps may have annoyed you at first, but after a few months your eyes may have adjusted and you don’t notice how unappealing they really are. Think about every customer who is entering your establishment for the first time. What will they notice? Your products and displays – or harsh glare, washed out color, and annoying reflections?

Our light covers can help customers see your business in a whole new way.

We didn’t invent light. But we did master the art of manipulating it. We help business owners with their lighting strategies by custom manufacturing light diffusers, light lenses and fixtures. We carry a wide selection of lighting solutions and – if we don’t have it, we’ll make it.

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How To Set Up Your Retail Store Lighting

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