Light Diffuser – What it is and what it does

We’ve all seen the term diffuser. Reed diffusers are all the rage when making your home or office smell great. Women know that hair diffusers help give them curls or waves while drying their hair. In all honesty, many industries use a diffuser of some sort. But what about a light diffuser? What are they? What do they do for us?

 The answer is fairly simple- a diffuser is something that diffuses. But, what is diffusing and how does it pertain to light? To diffuse something is to spread it out or to scatter. That’s what a light diffuser does. It scatters or spreads the light out and creates a softer light for you. They are also used in photography. Photographers use diffusers to aim the lighting, giving their subject the proper look for their objective.


Image result for light diffuser in homeWhy would you want to use light diffusers in your home? The direct light coming from light bulbs or tubes can be quite harsh. A light diffuser gives your eyes a rest. It gives a warmer feeling to your home and can help scatter the light for more even lighting, versus putting a bunch of lamps all over. That will also save you on your energy bills. The more open channels of electricity going means more electricity used which, in turn, means more money out of your pocket. A properly placed diffuser can do the job of a couple lamps while still giving you that homey feeling we all love so much.



fluorescent light tube coverA common type of light diffuser would be a panel fluorescent light tube cover. These are also referred to as diffuser panels or light panels. These are often made out of acrylic or polycarbonate so they are durable and can be used for quite some time. Many manufacturers of these panels will make them with different textures or films so you can obtain the look you want. You can even get light panels with pictures on them so you could look up at fluffy clouds or at tree branches covered in the beautiful colors of fall leaves. The other really wonderful thing about flat sheet panels is that they are fairly easy to customize to whatever size you might need, all you have to do is contact your diffuser panel manufacturer. Sometimes when you encounter a really amazing panel manufacturer they will do even more custom work for you. Most of the time you just have to ask and don’t ever be afraid to do so.



Diffusers are something you probably use almost every day without thinking about it. But maybe it’s time you did think about it and its very practical applications. Perhaps it’s time to rethink your lighting in your home, your office, or your garage – or maybe even your outdoor space. It might just be the year to replace all of those mismatched lamps or redo your basement workshop. It might be your year to use a light diffuser.

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