Art Lighting to Preserve Your Masterpieces

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If you are an amateur or avid art lover, you may already know that proper art lighting is integral to maintaining the quality and integrity of art pieces- especially paintings…

…UV rays from most standard lighting sources are strong enough to cause fading and other damages over time to your favorite works of art. Older paintings are more at risk for these damages because of their age and long-term exposure to UV, and specialty art lighting is necessary to preserve these works. If you are interested in beginning your own art collection or already have begun building yours, you’ll need to make sure that you have everything you need to keep your art looking great over time. At Diffuser Specialist, we have the lenses (and experts) available to help preserve the quality of your art for years to come.

Art Lighting with MicroLinear® Sheet

MicroLinear® Sheet features micro-prisms designed for high angle brightness control, and can create appropriate art lighting because of this. The design of the MicroLinear® Sheet obscures the lamp source so that the light rays aren’t going directly from the lamp out to the world, or in this case, onto your art. The indirect lighting from your fluorescent lights aren’t as abrasive as the lighting from a standard light diffuser would be, and can help lessen the effects of harmful rays have on your paintings. The MicroLinear® Sheet itself is also designed to be highly effective for long periods of time and are made of impact acrylic, which comes in various thicknesses based on your needs. These lighting filters are great for showing artworks by providing sufficient visible light while cutting down on the wear and tear standard light diffusers provide.

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MicroLinear® Sheet isn’t the only kind of lighting filter we carry at Diffuser Specialist. Use the links below to view our Lighting Filters and order forms. Feel free to contact us, today. Our Lighting Experts are standing by to help you find the correct products for your project. If we don’t already have what you need, we will custom create your order.

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