Mobile DIY Lighting Solutions!

Mobile DIY Lighting Solutions!

At Diffuser Specialist, we pride ourselves on manufacturing and providing the highest quality light solutions that are both reliable and practical. However, just like anyone else we can’t help but be drawn to the incredible curiosity and artistry of ordinary folks just like you. As these diy lighting enthusiasts, or “lightophiles” show – fluorescent, Halogen, and LED lights aren’t just for the garage – they’re used to create a visual spectacle and an unforgettable experience.

Custom Bicycles with LED & Fluorescent Lights

Youtube uploader “Chuckychopstik” is also way into bicycle modification, or modding.  He’s gone all out this time by installing fluorescent lights on his mountain bike frames. Not only is the effect visually striking, it’s a great idea for increasing safety on the road. Not content to stop there, he’s added small car amplifiers, Bose speakers, mp3 players and video monitors. Powering it all is a manageable 12 volt battery. His setup is sure to turn eyes and get many car-honks of approval!

The Bike Lite Glow Using Cold Cathode Fluorescents

bike with lights

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Many artists and modders like to keep their methods on the down-low. This is understandable as there is an attractive quality to being “the first” to have done something. Luckily, Instructables user “digitaltripper” loves sharing more than just showing. On he has created a step-by-step guide to designing and building your very own Cold Cathode light bike. If you commute to and from work, or go for early or late-night rides, or just want to stand out – this is definitely a project for you.

BMX Downhill Rotterdam & LEDs

Say all you want about how their stunt is fake, but one thing for sure is that their light-up BMX frames are certainly NOT. Seeing professionals Mark Vos and Boy Janssen rocking their bright LEDs and pulling tricks just makes you believe that you can do it too (or at least look cool trying). It only seems fitting that a supercool bike deserves an equally amazing trick, and the pair don’t disappoint as they attempt a drop off a huge, ultra-steep roof. No thanks, we’ll just stick to spectating.

Do it Yourself with Diffuser Specialist’s DIY Lighting Solutions

Well, we don’t offer bicycle modding services and we aren’t acme artists by any means, but at Diffuser Specialist we are passionate about all things lighting. This means we care about that flickering fluorescent in the bathroom, that cracked light cover in the garage, and effects exposed fluorescent and halogen lighting sources can have on you and your families’ health. If you need replacement light fixtures, lenses, or diffusers – you’ve come to the right place. Browse through our products to see if we have a DIY lighting solution for you.

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