LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures For Great Budgets and Eyes

led high bay


If you’ve been searching for a perfect lighting source that will save you money, and will reduce glare, then perhaps it’s time to consider installing some LED high bay lighting fixtures from Diffuser Specialist. One major advantage of having LED lights is they are instant on and provide light output that is second to none in lumens per watt.


High bay vs. low bay lights…


Unless you already consider yourself a lighting expert, it’s possible that you’ve never even heard of high or low bay lighting. So, much like they sound, high bays are designed to be utilized in elevated areas and ceilings typically above twenty feet. Installing high bays will ensure that lighting is optimally distributed across all of your open areas, including the floors and vertical surfaces. Here are some of the other common applications where Diffuser Specialist recommends LED high bay lighting fixtures:


  • Arenas
  • Stadiums
  • Gyms
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Loading docks


Although they operate very similar to high bays, low bays are recommended for lower mounting heights under twenty feet.


To determine how many lights you need you will need to answer some basic questions:


  1. Square feet and layout of isles or use in the area.


  1. Required Foot-Candles: The number of foot-candles that you need varies based on the type of room. For instance, a carpet warehouse requires a lower light level than a warehouse with small parts that require more attention to detail. There is a good website to help you determine this at: http://eeref.engr.oregonstate.edu/@api/deki/files/993/=Footcandle_Recommendations.pdf


  1. The third option is have us do a layout for you. We will need blue prints (preferably CAD drawings) of your space and details of what you are using the space for.


A reminder of how LEDs will only help your budget in the long-run…


Despite the fact that we’ve dedicated previous blog posts to the many benefits of LEDs, we just can’t stress enough how cost effective they will be to you and your business. They not only reduce your overall energy usage but they have 10x the average life of fluorescent and require less maintenance.


Indeed, we offer a wide range of lighting fixtures—shipped directly from our fully stocked warehouse—that are ideal for your indoor, outdoor, and commercial lighting needs. Ask about our wholesale program designated for national and international companies.


Whether it’s for your home or business, our extensive lighting selection is compete with designs that includes LED, fluorescent, and even exit sign lighting. In addition to our vast lighting options, you’ll also discover a plethora of other beneficial lighting accessories such as Vapor Tights and Retrofits that will work to help save your operational costs.


Contact us today and we will help you order only what you need!

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