Warning Tapes

Warning TapesWarning tapes are designed to alert excavators that buried utility lines are present so the lines aren’t disturbed. Our warning tape comes in non-detectable polyethylene styles or metallic tape that can be located with a metal detector.

Diffuser Specialist Premium Stretch Tape is woven reinforced for non-stretch, non-distorting, high-strength plow able needs. Our detectable tape is 5mm thick and features a buried print style which cannot be scraped off or erased. Our non-detectable tape is 4mm thick and contains no heavy metals or chromates and will not oxidize upon exposure to moist soil.

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Available Sizes


Our warning tapes range from 300 to 6,000 feet.


Our warning tapes range from 3in. to 6in wide.

Available Tape Options


  • Caution Fiber Optic Cable Buried Below- Orange
  • Caution Electric Line Buried Below- Red and Yellow
  • Caution Caution Caution- Yellow
  • Caution Telephone Line Buried Below-Orange

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