Eggcrates & Louvers

Eggcrate Diffusers & Louvers greatly improve ventilation, resulting in lower operating temperatures, thus improving lamp performance and increasing ballast life. Our Eggcrate is injection molded in a single piece for added strength and designed with ship-lap fit for a uniform appearance when panels are joined.

Product Spec Sheets

Download, save and print product spec sheets for your convenience.

Egg Crate Diffuser Specialist Fluorescent CoverOur Egg crate light diffusers allow nearly unobstructed air movement which will increase the bulb and ballast longevity through more efficient heat dissipation. This product also provides a clean architectural appearance and is an efficient and economical light control device.

Eggcrate Louvers are appropriate for areas where brightness control is not critical. Large areas of ceiling can economically be covered to provide a sense of lightness and space. Different styles of Eggcrate Louvers are available to meet your particular needs and budget.

Diffuser Specialist eggcrate for Light CoverLouvers are designed to eliminate glare rendering more precise light distribution. This provides better contrast and image definition which enhances color rendition of merchandised products.

Our Louver reduces luminaire surface brightness for maximum visual comfort making them ideal for areas with moderate to high concentrations of computer terminals or other visually demanding environments.

Egg Crate Light Diffuser Material

  • Polystyrene
  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum

Louver Finishes

  • Sliver specular finish (highly reflective mirror finish)
  • Gold specular finish(rich non-fading mirror-like finish)
  • Semi-specular finish(pleasing look of aluminum for less)
  • Black and white on selected items