Cabin Lighting That is Easy and Functional


Proper Cabin lighting is essential to make the most of your getaways in nature….

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Cabins are great for a weekend away from things, or to even spend a longer vacation in nature. If you have a cabin, you know that when you’re spending time there you are pretty far away from any town. Anything you need while you’re there, you bring out with you. So how do you get the perfect lighting in your cabin that is easy enough to install and low maintenance enough to keep there? At Diffuser Specialist, we have the cabin lighting you need to make your getaways easy and enjoyable. Our outdoor lighting collection includes a few products specifically designed for situations like being at a cabin. Let’s look at a couple of them now.


Wall Lanterns and Pendant Cabin Lighting

These temporary and movable lighting options are perfect to get the right lighting at your cabin. Our wall lanterns and pendants both come with 20-foot, weather proof power cords and are simple to install. Wall lanterns are equipped with a suction cup mounting system that makes it easy to place these lights on just about any flat surface, and also come with an adhesive disc as an additional option. Pendants come with easy to use hanging hooks to install wherever you’d like. Both lighting options are completely weather proof for long lasting durability, and are shatter proof as well. They also come with a one-year limited warranty, so you just can’t go wrong! Both are available in black or white polycarbonate housing, too! View these products here.


String Lighting

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Another great option for cabin lighting is string lights. We have so many variations available of string lights, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for. We offer 6-globe and 10-globe string sets with numerous options for globe styles, shapes, colors, etc… We even offer Patriotic logo string lights, Christmas string lights, and string lights with other designs on the globes. These are some heavy duty, made in the USA string light sets that will last a long time at your cabin without the wear and tear of standard string lights you may find elsewhere.

String lights can illuminate your cabin’s porch, or even interior, in a fun a decorative way that can also add a lovely festive touch. View our string light sets here. View our Holiday string light sets here.


These are just a couple of options to improve your cabin lighting situation. Our portable outdoor lighting products are designed specifically to last outdoors in the elements, while continuously providing quality illumination. Come and see our outdoor lighting collections for even more options for your outdoor cabin lighting.

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