Fluorescent Light Covers For Classrooms

Fluorescent Light Covers For Classrooms

If you experience eyestrain when in a room with fluorescent lights your not alone. Many people have complained of experiencing burning eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision and sensitivity to fluorescent light that can even cause headaches. School classrooms and hallways are often loaded with overhanging fluorescents that may have adverse effects on academic performance in schools, which is why it is important that we make fluorescent light covers for classrooms. 

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights amplify the eyestrain especially in enclosed spaces. The noticeable flickering of the light is due to the the magnetic ballast being inefficient it is recommended to switch to a newer, electronic ballast. More often than not, flickering lights will continue if your fixture has a bad ballast. Replacing the ballast can eliminate the flickering and strain on your eyes. 

Remove the Source of the Eyestrain

The problem is similar to the eyestrain caused by sitting in front of a computer screen all day; when paired with fluorescent lighting the strain can get worse. The only way to get rid of the eyestrain is to remove the source.

  1.  Start by replacing your fixtures ballast to eliminate flickering.
  2.  Then, make sure that your light strip has a cover. (often fluorescent strips without covers can enhance the strain on your eyes) Purchase a light cover lens that will help spread out the harsh light, producing a softer glow.

The strain from fluorescents may even go beyond the headaches in offices, according to this Yahoo article. Artificial lighting may also be attributed to adversely effecting children’s health and behavior in classrooms. We’ve recommended plastic light covers in schools and hospitals to help with the problem of harsh lighting where it is most common. This recent testimonial comes from Joanne Hawes, occupational therapist at Rosemary Johnson and Associate’s Clinic:

“As a result of difficulty processing the light of fluorescent lights, one of the children I work with, who has autism, spent much of his time under the desk or covering himself with pillows in a corner. We found that he did better with the lights off, but this disturbed many of the other children. Now, with the Natural Filters Overlay Lens, he is able to sit at his desk and engage in writing and reading activities.”

Naturalux overlay lenses are designed to eliminate UV radiation emitted by fluorescent lighting and produce a soft visible light in place of the harsh fluorescent glare. With these filters, you won’t have to change the fixture or bulbs, just install the cover and you’re done.

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