Why Keep Magnetic Adhesive Tape Around


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Everyone probably has duct tape, electrical tape, and scotch tape in their homes. Likely in the junk drawer or with your tool box. But there is another kind of tape that you should keep handy in your home because it is probably more useful than you would ever think. That is magnetic adhesive tape. It probably isn’t on your shopping list and you’re probably scratching your head asking “Magnetic adhesive tape? Really?”. Yes, really. There are more uses for it than you may think and it comes in many sizes, making it an ideal material to be utilized in many areas of the home or workplace.


Magnetic adhesive tape can be used indoors and outdoors, making the possibilities for its use endless. We’ll start with different uses in the home. Magnetic adhesive tape is a crafter’s dream because it is fairly inexpensive so therefore you can get as creative as you want! Some great uses for magnetic adhesive tape include making your own custom magnets. Children love this type of thing because you could attach puzzle pieces on the fridge for them to play with or words or your own letters. Magnetic warning tape allows you to make your own custom magnets, such as popsicle stick snowmen for the winter months! You can also attach some magnetic adhesive tape to the back of clothespins which easily makes extra clips for your fridge.  Another great indoor use is attaching some magnetic adhesive tape near the rear of your dustpan so that metal objects get pulled in and stay put while sweeping, this is especially handy for anyone doing renovations or has their own shop in their home. You can also use this awesome tape to keep your small hair accessories organized by adhering the tape to a storage container, or even just the wall, for easy access without having them spill all over when you go to grab one bobby pin. You can also put a strip of magnetic adhesive tape on the outside of your pen cup to hold your paperclips. These are just a few ideas of great home uses for magnetic adhesive tape, and, if that doesn’t get you ready to grab some, we’ll go on to outdoor uses!


Magnetic warning tape is extremely useful outdoors as well as in. For example, use strong magnetic adhesive tape to organize your garden tools, you can surround your watering can with it or even use it on the walls of your garage or shed. And that goes for your other tools as well, for the larger tools, mount a two by four on the wall and then attach the high energy magnetic adhesive tape for a quick, easy way to get the tools you most use out of the box and easily reachable. Another great use, though it may not be as often encountered, if using magnetic adhesive tape for float building. It’s safe to use on cars which makes it ideal for those time around homecoming when your kids want to decorate everything with their school colors.


What other uses can you come up with for your magnetic adhesive tape? Grab some today and show us how creative you can get!


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