Vinyl Curtains

Vinyl Curtains at Diffuser Specialist? Yes, Diffuser Specialist has been in business over 25 years specializing in everything from quality replacement lenses to other related products.

              Vinyl Curtains at Diffuser Specialist    

Although they are considered to be some of the foremost experts regarding lighting filters and diffusers, you can also count on them for a variety of other useful products such as vinyl curtains. Vinyl strip can help you save energy, money, and increase comfort and safety. PVC strips provide maximum visibility and help maintain room temperatures. The vinyl strips are great for freezer or refrigerator curtains, overheard loading dock doors. Vinyl curtains also provide protection against noise, wind and dirt therefore helping to provide a comfortable work environment for your employees.


Here are just a few suggested applications:


  • Warehouses – Maintaining a safe working environment should always be your number one priority in a warehouse setting. Inquire how vinyl strips can improve overall warehouse safety.
  • Food processing plants – Maintaining room temperature is paramount in these settings.
  • Manufacturing plants – Vinyl curtains can help create a barrier against noise, wind and dirt to provide a more desirable work environment for your employees.
  • Storage facilities – Ask our staff how ordering these curtains can help your facility save money.
  • Other convenient applications – Machine Curtains, Body Shop Bays, Spray Paint Booths, Woodworking Curtains, Custom Curtains & Enclosures, Auto Body Curtains, Hazmat Curtains, Aircraft Partitions, Cleanroom Partitions, Cleanrooms (FlexRoom), Sand Blasting Curtains and Outdoor Curtains



Did you know that installing vinyl curtains costs significantly less than a traditional fixed wall? Thus, if you’re in a tight budget, then opting for vinyl curtains is recommended because they are so simple to install. In fact, many do-it-yourselfers are able to install the curtains on their own using a few basic tools.


Another notable benefit that vinyl curtains have over standard walls is that they allow those operating forklifts, pallet jacks, etc. to pass through without any interruption. This saves time moving product around, and time is money in the production world.


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