Tube Guard Sleeves For Fluorescent Lights

Tube Guard Sleeves For Fluorescent Lights

Photo cred: Naturalux tube guard sleeves. 

Did you know, you can make exposed fluorescent bulbs 10x more safe, without having to replace all of your fixtures? If you are working on fixing up an old space, building, kitchen or office, the fluorescent bulbs are probably not covered with any protective plastic. Uncovered bulbs may present a danger if broken, tiny shards of glass can get into your eyes. You’ve probably figured that out if your reading this, but there are more ways that tube guards help protect your bulb and you.

  • Tube guards protect against shattered glass.
  • Prevent the release of toxins (mercury).
  • Eliminate virtually all UV radiation (over 99%).

In several states across the U.S it is required by law to cover fluorescent lights in plastic tube guard sleeves. It is especially important due to the fact that fluorescent bulbs present certain safety concerns in areas like:

  • Food preparation and processing plants.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Pools, gyms, and play areas.
  • Doctors offices
  • High traffic public areas.

tubeguards fluorescent light covers and protectantsTube guards are an affordable and easy solution to your lighting safety concerns, because installation is simple; just insert the fluorescent tube into the sleeve, screw on the end caps and install. Tube guards also come in many colors, so if you want to light up your space with color, you wont have to buy colored fluorescent bulbs. You can provide any color number to Diffuser Specialist and we’ll make it for you. Learn about hex’s here. 

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