Troffer Lights

Troffer Lights

Troffer lights (Etherium Lightning) are lights that illuminate commercial facilities like hospitals, stores, office spaces, showrooms, and more. They are typically square or even more commonly, rectangular, in shape. When it comes to the installation and implementation of troffer lights in your facility, several options are available.

Troffer lights were commonly formed to fit fluorescent light sources. However, they are now often constructed with LED ones in mind.

Importance of proper lighting

Proper lighting is essential to performance, and troffer lights supplied by the Diffuser Specialist are top-notch.

Proper lighting can improve visibility. This is particularly important for those who rely on their vision and/or concentration for an occupation or vocation. For example, doctors, mechanics, laboratory workers, researchers, and countless all rely on and benefit from quality, adequate lighting.

Proper lighting can also lower maintenance costs. With consistent, quality troffer lighting, the incidents of flickering and other common problems will be reduced. Flickering can cause machines to stop, work to be lost; and it can ultimately cause workers unwanted aggravation.

Aside from this, the right form of lighting can also reduce overall energy costs and utility bills.

Troffer lights at the Diffuser Specialist

Troffer Lights at the Diffuser Specialist come with a 7-year/75,000-hour warranty. See our etherium lightning­­­ page for more details.

We also carry an LED troffer retrofit kit which is covered by a 7-year-limited warranty.

The troffer retrofit kit allows for a high return on investment (ROI). How? By eliminating the need to replace the entire current housing system, you will see improvement without the need to pay out excessive and subsequently unnecessary costs.

In addition, LED options save money by using less energy or wattage overall to produce the same amount of lighting. Sources say that when it comes to LED lighting, when measured at .10 per KWh, cost for use were significantly less compared to other light sources. It also required one bulb for 25,000 hours, whereas incandescent bulbs required 21 bulbs for the same amount of time.

Troffer light placement & installation information

When troffer lights are installed, they are often placed throughout ceiling areas in a grid-like pattern. They can be placed up within the ceiling space or recessed. They can also be installed in a suspended way so that lighting sources are exposed.

Note: ­Recessed fixtures are commonly recommended for those looking to retrofit an existing system or structure.

Diffuser Specialist carries the The Aleo LTR™ XE Series Troffer Retrofit Kit as well as Troffer lights or etherium lightning options.  

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