Upgrading to LED Lighting in 2014

Upgrading to LED Lighting in 2014

In lighting news recently, LED lighting is catching on for indoor facilities, as well as outdoor. Outdoor sporting arenas, parking lots and airports across the country are just a few examples of the growing interests in the new wave of LED lighting. 

LED Airstrip Upgrades at DIA

airport lightsDenver International Airport is getting an LED lighting upgrade soon. The Mile High City airport is investing $25 million in renovations to the 19 year old runway which includes replacement of concrete slabs as well as lighting upgrades. Safety is the top priority, as well as energy efficiency according to airport officials. 

There are over 24,000 lights on the airfield, 4,000 which have been updated to LED’s and 5,400 more which are in the process of being upgraded as of Tuesday of last week. DIA is inspected daily by airport staff and once a year by the FAA to ensure that runways and facilities are in excellent working condition. 

LED Stadium Lighting Fixtures

Stadium lighting for the Duke University field hockey team is also in the process of LED upgrades. Sports facility operators say that they understand that LED lighting is the natural evolution of outdoor lighting, providing optimal color rendering and output for viewers in the stands and watching from hi-definition televisions at home.

Ephesus Lighting will be replacing 1500 metal halide fixtures in order to install it’s new Stadium Series lights, powered by the industries highest-quality LED’s. Sports and entertainment arenas across the U.S are turning to LED upgrades for the same reasons.  




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