Large Outdoor Lighting Globes

Large Outdoor Lighting Globes refer to our Sphere, Cube, Cylinder, Ellipsoid, Egg, Olive, and Pear shaped blow-molded globes of at least 8 inches in height or diameter.

They are manufactured utilizing a two-stage injection/blowing process to provide a high quality, durable finished product. Globes are inspected and individually bagged. Most styles are available with Solid, Twist Locking, or Neckless (cut) Fitter. Customized cuts are available. Please reference the charts below for part number information.


PPLLC Part Number Code for Large Outdoor Lighting Globes

Our Large Globe part numbers take the following form: AABB-EEGHH

The AA character location in PPLLC part numbers represents the Material in our Large Globes. Please reference the table below for numeric codes used for the first two spaces of the PPLLC Part Number.

The BB character location in PPLLC part numbers represents the color code. Please refer to the table below for color codes and their associating resin colors.

The EEGHH character location represents the size and style. The first two digits, EE, represent the height or width of the globe. The third character, G, represents the shape. The final two digits, HH, represent the flange or fitter style. The tables below outline these five characters for Large Globes.

*All measurements are in Inches






Ellipsoids & Eggs




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