3 Ways to Pocket 35% of the $20,000 You’ll Spend On Electricity This Year

3 Ways to Pocket 35% of the $20,000 You’ll Spend On Electricity This Year

How much does it cost you every year to light your building? Lets estimate the costs.

An average office building is around 14,900 square feet. According to www.xcelenergy.com, “Office buildings in the U.S. spend an annual average of $1.34 per square foot on electricity…” If your the guy paying the bills, your looking at $19,966 in electricity for the year on average. Also, factor in costs for electrical components that require maintenance such as fixtures, ballasts, fuses, bulbs and covers. Maintenance adds up, as well as lack of performance.

What Takes the Biggest Slice of the Energy Bill?

Look up average total energy consumption for commercial buildings and lighting always takes the biggest slice compared to water, heating, cooling and office equipment. It’s one of the biggest costs, especially for the thousands of offices plugged in for 10 hours or more per day. What kind of solutions can help offices pocket some of the money wasted on electricity for the year?

3 Easy Ways to Save

I found an amazing statistic. According to www.xcelenergy.com, “If your facility uses T12 fluorescent lamps, relamping with modern T8 lamps and electronic ballasts can reduce your lighting energy consumption by 35 percent.” Relamping or retrofitting your light fixtures is one of the easiest things you can do. In fact we have a blog article How to Retrofit a T12 Fixture To A T8 Fixture For An Easy Upgrade on the subject. Imagine taking 35% off of that $20,000 dollars you spend in electricity per year?

Even better, reduce the amount of energy consumed and maintenance by purchasing newer more eco-friendly T-8 fluorescent tubes for your fixtures. You’ll spend a little more per bulb up front, but you’ll save on energy and replacement hardware in the long-run as they’re proven to last longer.

Finally, upgrade your fluorescent light covers to get even better color rendering in your office, and reduce glare with a more even distribution of light. Fluorescent light covers come in sturdy polycarbonate and acrylic materials that wont yellow or become brittle under extreme temperatures. For an even better distribution of light in your office try prismatic lenses.

Save energy and save money friends. ;D 

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