Outdoor Garden Lights

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At Diffuser Specialist we now offer the best quality lights you’ll want in your garden or yard. Whether you have walkways that need lighting, or just want to illuminate your outdoor areas, these lighting options will give you the best uses of your outdoor environment. We Pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Lighting products available. Our Lighting Experts are always ready to answer your questions or to help find the right fit for your lighting project.


Outdoor String Lights

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Our outdoor string lights work well for outdoor garden lights as a temporary and portable option because they are so easy to install and are weather resistant. These are great for garden parties, barbecues, and more. They are available in many shapes and colors, and come in sets of 6 globe and 10 globe strings to fit your needs. We also offer a selection of Patriotic string lights as well as holiday string lights for a more festive feel.

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Bollards and Domes

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Our selection of bollards and domes are perfect for your outdoor walkways. The bollard lens is a single piece of molded poly-carbonate that is sure to last and look great for a long time.  Both our bollards and domes are available in white and clear.  Our domes are available in two standard sizes to fit your needs.

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Luminaries and Lamp Posts

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Luminaries and Lamp Posts add a bit of an extra aesthetic touch to your garden, yard, or other outdoor areas. Our Luminaries are made of shatterproof polycarbonate and include a 20-foot power cord which allows easy placement virtually anywhere to enhance your outdoor garden lights. Our Lamp Post stands can be easily filled with sand for added stability, wherever you choose to place your lights.  We offer a variety of globe shapes and colors, as well as styles of lamp post stands.

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The appropriate outdoor garden lighting for you is unique to your environment. At Diffuser Specialist we have worked to provide the right lighting products to fit your needs, no matter what your situation is. Our Lighting Experts are always standing by to answer your questions or to help you decide what sort of lighting products will work best for your lighting project. All of our products are made in the USA and are quality assured for the very best results for a long time to come.

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