NaturaLux ™ Filters For Work & Learning Environments



Have you ever felt fatigued inside a building, such as an office building, and just can’t seem to put your finger on the reason why? Well, a growing number of people are coming forward and pointing their fingers at fluorescent lighting. Since they are cheaper to operate and also last longer than many of the alternatives, fluorescent lights have quickly becoming the standard in everything from homes and shopping markets to schools and hospitals. According to countless studies that have been conducted, people who are exposed to fluorescent lights for extended periods of time can experience negative side effects. If you are exposed to these lights and are concerned that they may be affecting your health, then here is a checklist of negative effects attributed to fluorescent lights:


  1. Migraines
  2. Eyestrain
  3. Problems sleeping, due to melatonin suppression
  4. Symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder or depression
  5. Endocrine disruption and compromised immune systems
  6. Female hormonal/menstrual cycle disruption
  7. Increases in breast cancer rates and tumor formation
  8. Stress/Anxiety, due to cortisol suppression
  9. Sexual development/maturation disruption
  10. Obesity
  11. Agoraphobia (anxiety disorder)


You may experience any one or a combination these symptoms if you are working under fluorescent lights all day long. Sure, you can submit a formal complaint to the management alleging that the lights are causing these effects, but unfortunately, the cheaper lighting option will probably win. However, you can inform them of some of the following budget-friendly solutions that are available to combat the negative side effects of fluorescent lighting. The first, and more expensive option involves installing more windows or skylights to allow more natural sunlight to enter the building.


Another recommended strategy is to install NaturaLux™ Fluorescent Lighting Filters. These filters are uniquely designed to reduce the glare of fluorescent lighting and eliminate UV radiation. NaturaLux™ filters are noticeably different in color rendering, and can help create a safer environment for schools, offices, and shopping areas; places where people are exposed to fluorescent lighting for long periods of time. Here are some of the major benefits associated with these filters:

  • Absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Eliminates the glare that causes headaches and eyestrain,
  • Filters out color balanced and color correct fluorescent lighting
  • Increases the perceived brightness of your space


Business owners interested in ordering NaturaLux™ filters are encouraged to complete a Diffuser Specialist  order form so that a representative can contact them with more information.

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