Looking For A Home Or Office Lighting Solution?

Looking For A Home Or Office Lighting Solution?

Looking for a home or office lighting solution? On important thing to consider is the money you could save just by choosing the right light fixtures for your space. In order for you to make an educated decision about installing light fixtures in your home or office you should consider why fluorescent fixtures are so common. The widely used fluorescent fixtures that you see hanging in grocery stores, office buildings, schools and hospitals are unique in comparison to other lights for the following reasons:

Energy Efficiency:

For the amount of light that is produced, fluorescent bulbs consume less energy than most other types. As opposed to incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs produce less heat and still produce the same amount of light. Where an incandescent bulb will typically produce 15 lumens of power per watt, a fluorescent bulb can produce 50 to 100 lumen per watt, so you can buy a 15 watt fluorescent bulb that produces the same amount of light as a 60 watt incandescent.

Easy Installation:

Fluorescent fixtures typically come ready with instant start electronic ballasts to prevent flickering. Fixtures often make it easy for your to replace a bad bulb when it comes time so that anyone can do it. Once your fixtures are installed, bulbs and plastic covers are do-it-yourself replacements. No need to call in an expert!


Lifetimes of fluorescent bulbs depend entirely on total number of hours of usage. If fluorescent bulbs are on 24 hours per day they will burn out on average around four and a half years. If you were to only leave them on 12 hours per day they may last up to 7 years. Your replacement costs have been substantially reduced just by choosing fluorescent fixtures. That is why fluorescent lights are used much more commonly than the other guys as a home or office lighting solution; energy efficiency, installation, lifetime and cost efficiency!

You’ve got the fixtures already? Contact us by phone or online if you ever need a replacement cover!

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