LED- the Wave of ‘Green’ Lighting

LED- the Wave of ‘Green’ Lighting

LED light fixture parts bulbs, light-emitting diodes, are a new source of light created by the lighting industry with high energy-efficiency compared to standard incandescent bulbs. LEDs are however priced at about 20 times above the cost of old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs but use far less electricity. Prices for LEDs are falling steadily as retailers sell them more aggressively and manufacturers improve the technology.

Light in LED bulbs come from chips and companies are able to incorporate software applications that let users control the bulbs, even change the color of the light by means of tablet and smart phones. There’s a growth in the LED category and it is expected in four to five years that LEDs will be the popular lighting technology in the market. In 2012 LED sales grew faster than any other lighting technology, though the growth was about 3 percent of residential market. It is expected that by 2014 LEDs will outsell incandescent light bulbs in North America.

While incandescent light cover bulbs are cheap they are not very efficient. Most of their energy is wasted as heat as they pump electricity into filaments and make them glow. The government has been phasing out the manufacture and import of the least efficient bulbs.

As manufacturers rush to the market with their LEDs you can expect the price to drop dramatically. Companies are trying to establish themselves as the popular brand now. LED use is already more common commercial and industrial sector than housing. This is because companies are more likely to do the long-term cost-benefit analysis of buying lighting. Homeowners are still driven by upfront prices.

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