LED Ceiling Lights

Every year we see leaps and bounds of progress pertaining to energy efficiency. This is great because it lessens our impact on the environment and it saves us money- both very important things in everyone’s lives. It’s an easy switch from traditional incandescent lights to LED ceiling lights once you make the decision to do so, but after reading the reasons why you should switch, the effort won’t seem like much to reap the great benefits from the technology behind LED ceiling lights.


   One of the best reasons to switch to LED ceiling lights is the longevity of the bulb. Some LED bulbs can last up to one hundred thousand hours of being on without showing their age, or dimming. That could potentially equate to eleven years of life from one bulb! LED lights don’t have a filament to break or burn out which gives them the long life potential you just can’t get from a traditional incandescent bulb. Make the initial switch and stop changing lights so often! LED ceiling lights are also energy efficient; often times operating while using ten to twenty percent less power than incandescent bulbs. Traditional lights lose up to eighty percent of their energy from heat alone. The LED bulbs switch that around, giving the bulb eighty percent towards light and only about twenty percent lost to heat. This also makes the light bulb safer, especially around children, because they just don’t get as hot. They are also safer because of their construction, which is often solid-state. This means no risk of having shattered glass. Another safety aspect of LED lights is that they don’t contain mercury. This is better for your home and better for the environment.


   LED ceiling lights can offer many different colors as well, so it’s easy to use them as festive lighting for any holiday. Because the LED lights don’t need a bunch of filters to produce different colors, the production costs go down and those savings go into your pocket. LED lights are much quieter than regular lights as well; so when you switch out your lamps you’ll notice you no longer hear a slight humming that is normally associated with incandescent bulbs. LED lights are also much better while being dimmed because they retain their color whereas incandescent bulbs tend to yellow while being dimmed. LEDs are also more easily focused without the use of extra gadgets, such as reflectors or lenses, which also lowers their cost. These lights are incredibly versatile as well. Your costs even go down because you no longer need a bunch of things to accompany your lights to achieve your desired lighting ambiance. LED bulbs come in a wide variety of shapes and colors that you can use in every aspect of your home. They also bring light much quicker- a matter of micro-seconds. This is especially helpful in car lights because a fraction of a second can save your life.


Again, the initial switch to LED ceiling lights may seem like a tedious task but when you look at the wonderful benefits of LED lighting technology, it’s practically a no-brainer. LED lights offer you fantastic lighting options because of their versatility and can help brighten up any room with ease. Ask your favorite lighting expert about them today!


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