How to Cut your Fluorescent Wrap Lens Down to Size

How to Cut your Fluorescent Wrap Lens Down to Size

Summer seems to be a good time to get all of those home improvement projects out of the way. Perhaps you’ve been concentrating on some outdoor endeavors, but now you’re ready to begin on the interior. Has your significant other been bugging you about replacing those old fluorescent light bulbs with something a little more modern? From the kitchen to the bathroom – the time has come, but there’s just one problem. While many a fluorescent wrap lens come in standard sizes, many times the light bulbs we pick or not standard at all. So what to do? Easy, we will go through the 3 steps you need to follow to cut your own fluorescent wrap lens down to a perfect fit.

Fluorescent Wrap Lens – Measure it one, twice, three times!

Once you’ve picked out and purchased you wrap lens, it’s time to get down to cutting so that it fits your housing nice and snug. Measure out your housing and then as precise as you can when transforming those dimensions over to your wrap lens. Trace or mark it out carefully. Lenses can be expensive so it’s important to measure not just once or twice, but three times!

Tape it up

This is an important step – don’t skip it! Wrap lens can sometimes fracture when pressure is applied to them. In order to avoid this from occurring when you’re cutting, it’s a good idea to tape along either side of your cut line. This will ensure you’ll get a clean cut and avoid breakage due to unbalanced forces.

The right tool for the job

Here is where the rubber meets the road and all your detailed prep leads to a perfect result. Put away those scissors or hand cutters. You’ll need to use a high powered option like band-saw or tile saw. This will ensure that you’ll get as professional cut as possible. Don’t rush the cut, just let it happen. Once your piece come out you can further smooth the edges with sandpaper or sanding belt.

Once your wrap lens is where you need to be, go ahead and try to pop it in! If it goes in right – you’re money! If not, you may need to modify slightly with additional cuts.

We have the Perfect Cut for You

Can’t find the right size fluorescent wrap lens, don’t have the proper tools, or just don’t trust yourself to make the modification you need? Don’t worry, contact us at Diffuser Specialist today. We carry all types of wrap lenses, and remember, if we don’t have it – we’ll make it!

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