Choosing Fluorescent Light Fixtures for Your Space

Choosing Fluorescent Light Fixtures for Your Space

There are three things you need to consider when choosing fluorescent light fixtures for your space. We’ll get to the aesthetics in another article, but today we’re talking about the costs (time and money) associated with lighting a space.

How much output do you need?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is the size of your space and what you’ll be using the space for. Diffusers for fluorescent fixtures, have the ability to distribute light in a variety of ways to fit your needs. For example, these diffusers from Bright View Technologies include batwing, asymmetric, and elliptical light distributions. The batwing gives a wider distribution of light to cover larger areas, and allows for more spacing between ceiling lamps. These diffusers can also produce a more centralized distribution of light for smaller workspaces, such as a single desk.

Bright View Diffusers

How much maintenance is necessary?

Lighting components do need maintenance, but some less than others. If your lighting a large warehouse, or hanger for instance you’ll want to choose fluorescent light fixtures that require infrequent maintenance. Louvers and baffles are ideal for high ceilings and provide a wide distribution of light. These types of diffusers require little maintenance other than occasionally changing the bulbs.

Plastic flat sheets, wrap lenses and prismatic lenses don’t last forever. Even the most “green”, energy efficient bulbs produce a lot of heat which will discolor and wear on plastic lenses over time. Choosing the right type of plastic lens and thickness will help reduce the maintenance required. Polycarbonate and acrylic plastics are ideal for plastic diffuser because they have a longer lifespan, are durable and made to withstand the heat to prevent discoloration.

How much energy consumption?

Old magnetic T12 fixtures are energy hogs. They consume around 30% more energy than T8 kits. If you have an older space and don’t want to replace the fluorescent light fixtures, you can easily retrofit a T12 to T8. There are multiple DIY youtube videos on the subject to help you save money. Newer T8 fluorescent tubes are designed to be more energy efficient to shave a little off of your energy bill. They also come in LED if you need a brighter solution and don’t want to run up the energy bill.

We hope you found this helpful! Please comment if you have any questions, or browse through our blog for more lighting resources!

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