Grocery Store Lighting and Produce

Grocery Store Lighting and Produce

In this NPR article we dug up in our search for “grocery store lighting” we came across an interesting bit of information about cues that make people want to buy groceries. Namely that green stuff over in the produce department. Brian Wansink, a professor from Cornell university has found that produce that is under soft, focused lighting sells up to 30% more.

If we can sell more produce with better lighting, why can’t we sell more of other products? Many retail stores have started focusing on the small details that can have a big impact on store atmosphere and customer purchase decisions. Opening up the windows and letting in a little bit of natural lighting in from time to time will really make people want to hang around in the store longer. The longer people are in the store, the more of your products they’ll want to see, test out, try on, learn more about. Right?

Retail Store Fail

I used to work in a retail store when I was younger, and it was a clothing store. I would put in a good 6-7 hours some days of the week working part time. It was the kind of store that the management spent 80% of the time making the store look nice or trendy rather than selling to customers. Anyway, in all that time spent making things look pretty, they never really payed attention to the lighting. The harsh lighting made my 6-7 hour part time shift unpleasant at best, so I know that the average customer spending 25-40 minutes in the store must have made a bet with someone. The worst part is that harsh lighting doesn’t make your skin look better in mirrors, and people only buy the product if they look flawless in it.

So many retailers, doctors offices, grocery stores, museums, should really think about the space with lighting in mind. It really does make a difference. We are naturally more at ease under “natural” lighting; so why not get with it and try making your space comfortable for your customers?

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