How Fluorescent Light Covers Help Create A Safer Work Environment

How Fluorescent Light Covers Help Create A Safer Work Environment

If your reading this right now at your desk, look up at your ceiling. Now if you see two blazing white fluorescent tubes above your head completely uncovered, you should first continue to read this, and then send it over to your boss. There are a couple of problems with this picture. The glare from the bulb is probably having a negative impact on your productivity, and your eyesight. It also might be the reason you keep Aspirin in your desk drawer. Fluorescent bulbs over time not only hurt your eyesight, but emit UV radiation if not covered properly. See for information about UV radiation and fluorescent lights.

Another safety concern you may not have thought about is the risk of the bulb shattering. Fluorescent tubes are pretty fragile, if you’ve ever had to replace one then you know this. They can easily break when dropped, and can easily break on impact. It doesn’t take much. This is where covers can help.

Why Fluorescent Light Covers?

Fluorescent light covers not only protect your skin and eyes from UV radiation and glare, they also serve as the only barrier between you and tiny shards of glass if the fluorescent bulb breaks. Tubes are powerful lighting instruments that can be found in many public places, schools, hospitals, offices and waiting rooms so its most important that they are always covered with a durable, plastic lens or diffuser. Tube guards also work great to protect bulbs.

tubeguards fluorescent light covers and protectantsLets say you don’t want the same dull flat sheet covers in your office that every other office has. You still can’t leave your fluorescent tubes bare. The best thing you can do in this case is purchase inexpensive tube guard sleeves to cover your bulb. They easily slide over the fluorescent tube and help protect against all of the hazards mentioned above. You can even get them in cool colors.

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