Replacement Light Cover -Don’t Replace Fixture

Replacement Light Cover -Don’t Replace Fixture

The chances are pretty high that you’ll have to replace a broken cover at some point in time. Over time lenses have the tendency to become brittle, yellow and may break if not handled carefully. You’ll want to make sure that your replacement will prevent these issues that arise from long term use. Purchasing your replacement light cover made of materials such as Acrylic and Polycarbonate is your best bet to avoid yellowing and breakage.

Why Do Light Cover Lenses Break?

So, low and behold you’ve got a broken lens that needs replacing. If you go to the hardware store to when you encounter a broken lens you will probably be told that your best bet is to replace the entire fixture. However, if you talk to the experts first you can save yourself some money by replacing the lens cover alone. Replacing the entire fixture is a common mistake because your current fixture is probably still in working order.

replacement wrap lensUnfortunately, most covers do not have the manufacturers name and number on them for you to call for a replacement. The best thing for you to do in this case is specify the size and type of cover you need. The type of cover is determined by the mold or shape. Is it an eggcrate, louver, globe, flatsheet, wrap lens or vapor tight enclosure? Click on hyperlinks for photos and information.

replacement lens drawingNext, measure the lens for size. Include height, width and depth in your dimensions. If you’ve got a wrap lens that needs replacing, trace the edges on a blank piece of paper for more specific sizing.

Once you’ve done this your ready to order! If you have further questions on how to replace your lens call one of our experts at Diffuser Specialist. If we don’t already have what your looking for, we’ll make it! Ask questions online here.

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