Fun and Easy Porch Lighting

Porches are a fun and important part of any house. They are a place to relax during summertime, and a place to put decorations during wintertime. Porch lighting is an important aspect that sometimes goes overlooked, though.

Photo by James Garcia on Unsplash

It can help light the way for evening visitors as well as create the aesthetic you’d like for your house. At Diffuser Specialist we have many, made in the USA products to bring you the exact porch lighting you need.


Hanging Lights and Chandelier Porch Lighting

Our hanging lights and chandeliers are constructed of shatter proof polycarbonate and are available in single globe and four globe styles. They come equipped with a 20-foot power cord for easy installation and use. These lights are perfect options for durability and flexibility for porch lighting that is also very stylish and attractive. We offer many different options for globe size and colors, too. View our hanging lights and chandeliers here.


String Porch Lighting

Our string lights are great for porch lighting. They are available in 8 globe and 10 globe sets, with a wide array of globe color, size, finish, and decorations. We offer string light sets of patriotic designs and multiple globe styles, as well as Christmas style string lights and clear white string lights. These are designed to be outside for a long time with less wear and tear and come with a limited one year warranty. Any porch would look great with our string lights illuminating it. View our string lights here.


Wall Lights and Pendant Porch Lighting

Our detachable wall lights and hanging pendant lights are constructed from shatter proof polycarbonate and come with 20-foot power cords for convenient and flexible usage. These are perfect for porch lighting because they easily attach or hang basically anywhere you would like them to be. They are high quality and made to last, as well. Each is available in either white or black housing, and clear or white globes to fit your needs, whatever your style may be. View our Wall Lights and Pendant porch lighting here.


Your porch says a lot about you and your home, so it is important to find porch lighting that fits your needs and wants, while being functional and looking great. Our outdoor lighting collections have a great variety of lighting styles, colors, and functionalities to suit whatever aesthetic you are looking for. Even if you don’t know exactly what kind of lighting you need for your porch, our lighting experts are here to help. Feel free to leave a comment or question for us and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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