Fluorescent Lighting Legislation Timeline: Are you prepared?

Fluorescent Lighting Legislation Timeline: Are you prepared?

The diminishing age of the warm glow of incandescent lighting has been upon us for some time now. As companies developed cheaper, longer lasting, and more efficient lighting solutions, consumers have caught on and have been making a voluntary switch. However, only as recent as 2012 has actual fluorescent lighting legislation been enacted to make sure this transition happens – and happens fast. The reason the government has passed laws requiring states completely transition to more energy efficient CFLs is largely a financial one.

Energy costs money, and the more energy something consumes – the more expensive it is to run. Think of the billions of light bulbs that are turned on and off each day in the country. Though they may be small, light bulbs are a BIG deal when it comes to finding solutions that help minimize out impact on the environment, make our grid more efficient, and put a little money back in our pockets.

What are the changes?

In an effort to conserve the nation’s energy resources, the United States Congress has written and passed multiple pieces of fluorescent lighting legislation with the aim of benefitting the economy and the public. New light bulbs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional incandescents and also met new standards for energy consumption and lifespan. The bipartisan Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA 2007) established these efficiency standards and mandate that all bulbs use 25% less energy.

How does it affect me?

The Federal Government has created a timeline for manufacturers and producers to adhere to when producing lights bulbs. Over a few year period, old bulbs will be done away with and newer designs will take their place. This means that it’s possible your current bulbs may never be made again. If you have a favorite hue or brightness that your current bulb produces, you may not be able to get it anymore and should check with your manufacturer to see what alternatives the recommend. The timeline is as follows:

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What can I do?

Studies show that replacing 15 of your home’s inefficient, incandescent bulbs can save $50 a year in energy bills. Since these new bulbs last for years, you’ll continue to save even more into the future. Combined, households in the United States could save our nation’s grid over $6 Billion dollars in 2015 alone. Make an inventory of all the lights that need replacing in your home, then head down to your local supply store and get to replacing. You’ll thank yourself and your country will thank you!

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Just like the natural progression and improvement of light bulbs we’re seeing happen before our eyes, new standards of fluorescent lighting legislation are being set for the lighting lenses and fixtures that cover them. Some of the new covers being produced block UV rays, increase color contrast, and improve productivity. When you’re out replacing all those light bulbs don’t forget that you could be upgrading your fixtures as well. At Diffuser Specialist we carry a wide variety of fluorescent light covers for your convenience – and, if we don’t have it, we’ll make it!

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