Elevator Lighting Makes a Difference

Elevator lighting is something that most may overlook, but it makes a huge difference…

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Imagine you’re in an office building or doctor’s office and you need to get to an upper floor. You walk towards the elevator and as the doors open, you see a dark space with a flickering light… and that is supposed to be your ride up! If this sounds like something from a horror movie to you, then you aren’t alone. Elevators are very enclosed, small spaces and that’s why having the right lighting in them so unbelievably important. You want every single person to have the best experience possible in your elevator, and you especially don’t want to be known as the building with the horror film lift, so let’s make sure you have the right elevator lighting your guests will love.


Para-Lite 2 Plastic Parabolic Louvers for Elevator Lighting

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Parabolic Louvers are grid shaped, metallic light covers that are made of different materials. Their design allows air to flow freely to the lights, which lowers the operating temperature and can lead to less maintenance and repairs down the road. The Para-Lite 2 Plastic parabolic Louver is made of high-quality polystyrene and is designed to evenly distribute your lighting while also reducing glare and brightness. This louver creates a comfortable aesthetic with little glare and excellent lighting efficiency. These work very well when utilized as elevator lighting because of this. Your guests will love riding in your elevator with these louvers.  Read more about Para-Lite 2 plastic parabolic louvers here.


Para-Lite 5 High Efficiency

The Para-Lite 5 is a wonderful option for elevator lighting because it is designed to provide the maximum efficiency, while reducing glare and maintaining low light levels. It also meets or exceeds most energy codes, so it is a perfect choice for any lighting situation! It is a shallow louver with small cells in its grid and it has a 28-degree shielding angle that shields the lamps well. This louver is perfect for the small space of an elevator because it can keep the light low and comfortable for everyone who needs a ride up!


These are just a couple examples of our Parabolic Louvers, which work quite well as elevator lighting. If you have any questions about these products or any of our products, contact us today! We love hearing from you and our lighting experts are ready to help in anyway we can. You may fill out the form to the right to get in touch with us, or call either of our offices listed below! With Diffuser Specialist you can ensure that your building has the elevator lighting that will keep your visitors happy and comfortable.

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