DIY Fluorescent Light Saber Project

DIY Fluorescent Light Saber Project

Don’t worry, it’s NOT a TRAP! Last month the new Star Wars trailer was released to much fanatical fan fervor. Once people composed themselves enough and were able to wipe away those last few blurry tears they went at it on the internet breaking the trailer down and discussing its high and low points. Just what all the new characters, signs, sights and sounds mean will all be conjecture until the film is released this December, but what’s certain is that Star Wars, this galaxy far, far way still has our hearts and minds completely captured in its magic world. Of course it goes without saying that most of us at Diffuser Specialist are Star Wars fans, and so we’ve decided to find a DIY Star Wars project that would delight anyone. Watch the video below learn how you can make your very own fluorescent bulb lightsaber.

What You’ll Need

  • A Star Wars Obsession
  • Fluorescent Tube
  • Insect Zapper
  • Plastic tube (liquid bubble solution)
  • Wiring for soldering your connections
  • Soldering iron
  • Drill

Need help you with your Next Fluorescent Light Project?

Now that you’ve used the time you should have spent fixing up the house to make a fantasy laser sword, you can finally get down to business with replacing all of those old fluorescent light lenses. Check out our inventory fluorescent light covers and give us a call today to find the perfect lighting solution.

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