Custom Replacement Light Lenses Fit Any Fixture

Custom Replacement Light Lenses Fit Any Fixture

Everyone has an individual lighting preference. What do you think would happen if you took the same room, or office with the same layout and furniture and asked 20 people to choose the lighting in the room on an unlimited budget? Pictures would most likely reveal 20 different rooms. This may be a test Diffuser Specialist can try out in the future. Before we test a hypothesis, here’s what I think…

My Hypothesis

lamp in roomThere are a limitless number of reasons that people find certain lighting appealing. A warm tone may subconsciously remind you of the light given off by a lamp in your grandmothers house. Or a cool light blue may be a breath of fresh air to you, relaxing and refreshing like rain on the open sea. Or maybe none of those things at all! Preference is not static, it’s fluid. It changes with your mood, and grows as you do, with every new experience. So, how do we decide which lights to make permanent?

With fluorescent lighting fixtures (the most common lighting), most people think they have to change the entire fixture to improve the lighting in the space. Replacement light lenses can improve a space along with a simple change of the bulb. Light filters need replacing after a while, although they may not be broken. If your workday is negatively effected by the glare or headaches you get from the lighting, changing the lens out will save you the trouble of buying a new fixture. Not all fixtures are shaped to fit the standard sized lenses. So you may need to order the lens you need in a custom size.

Replace the Lens and Replace the Bulb

If your tired of buying fluorescent bulbs for your fixtures and being disappointed, you may want to try LED bulbs. They are a bit pricier, but they can save 30% more energy and have a longer life time. They make LED tubes to fit standard light fixtures – the same size as the fluorescent tubes. LED’s will dramatically change the lighting in a space. A pro tip is to use LED’s in a space where you need a concentration of light, and less distribution.

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