Creative Uses for an Acrylic Globe


Light Cover Globes

You will often see an acrylic globe used in lighting, especially outdoors. They are ideal for lighting because acrylic has an unequaled resistance to weathering and aging. It’s a very strong material. But you can use an acrylic globe for other projects as well, some are even family friendly, so they are great crafts to do with your children. Have fun!


Project 1Terrariums


This is a really great project to give as a gift, even for people that may not be great at taking care of plants.


What you need:

  • A glass or acrylic globe or jar
  • Gravel, sea glass, or small river stones
  • Activated charcoal which can be found at your local plant store or nursery
  • Sterile potting mix
  • Any decorative items you may want in there, like moss
  • Your chosen plants


Step one: Clean the globe thoroughly. This is very important because it will contain an ecosystem.

Step two: Choose your plants. General rule of thumb is that you want plants that will do well in a humid environment, unless you have a nice wide opening in your acrylic globe. Also, you want to make sure the plant leaves don’t touch the sides of the globe.

Step three: Create a drainage area by putting at least two inches of stones on the bottom of the globe. You can also put moss down to help absorb extra water. Then add about a half inch of charcoal on top of the stone to help combat any potential odors.

Step four: Add the potting mix. You can also put moss between the charcoal and potting mix which adds another interesting layer in your project. Make sure though, that you have a couple inches of soil.

Step five: Consider your design. Does your terrarium have a specific front? This is when you will prep your plants for their new home which may include some root trimming to make the plant fit properly.

Step six: Plant your plants! Make sure there are no air pockets when planting. Also, don’t use fertilizer because you don’t want to encourage growth. Don’t pour water directly into the terrarium, use a spray bottle to water the plants and clean off any extra dirt from the sides. You don’t want to over water your plants!


Project 2Waterless Snow Globes (great project for kiddos!)


What you need:

  • a globe
  • Whatever decorations you want in the globe
  • Super glue
  • Glitter


Step one: Arrange your decorations and glue them down to a platform that will serve as the bottom of the globe.

Step two: Add any fun things you would want to see in the globe- fake snow that will move around, glitter, or pretty much anything that will look pretty when moving.

Step three: firmly glue the platform piece to the globe. Make sure that it is very secure, you don’t want any mishaps.

Step four: Place your project somewhere to be seen, especially if you had a child helping you. They should be proud of their project.


Project 3: Make Your Own “Stained Glass” Globe (another fun project for kids!)

This project can also be done with newspaper for a more “adult” feel and can give you a one of a kind light cover that will get your friends talking.


What you need:

  • A globe
  • Tissue paper
  • Mod Podge or liquid starch
  • A brush


Step one: rip up the tissue paper into various shapes and sizes.

Step two: brush liquid starch or Mod Podge onto the globe

Step three: place a couple pieces of tissue paper onto the globe

Step four: Put more starch or Mod Podge over the freshly placed paper.

Step five: Let it dry then light it up!


We hope you enjoyed these creative uses for an acrylic globe and we hope that you have fun making these projects with your families!


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