Change Your Mood with Workplace Lighting!

Change Your Mood with Workplace Lighting!

Traditionally, workplace lighting has meant a seemingly unending sea of harsh, white fluorescent light covers. But thankfully this is the past. Modern workplace lighting design has come a long way in making the office feel like less of an office.

There are some important things to think about when designing the layout for office lighting, such as fixture placement, light color, reflections, glare and shadows. Remember that lighting can make a room seem bigger or smaller, relaxing or agitating. It’s of ultimate importance to consider these factors; they will all have an effect on whether or not the environment is an ideal work area.

Since cost is always a factor, a simple way to save is to put general lighting in areas like hallways, while designing higher-end lighting around specific workplace and common areas. This helps to prevent the whole office from being “washed out” in a glaring fluorescent white and highlights particular areas, making them seem more inviting.

In addition to lighting placement, it is also important to choose light fixture parts that diffuse light in a tasteful way. Some people spend too much time trying to find the right bulb or wattage strength and neglect the cover that the light passes through. Something as simple as a tinted plastic cover can do wonders to the ambiance of the room.

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