An Eggcrate Diffuser Will Improve Your Lighting

When you are planning your fluorescent lighting, you want to have the best lighting possible for as long as you can with the least amount of maintenance needed.


An Eggcrate diffuser does all these things. Eggcrate diffusers allow more airflow around your fluorescent lights to increase the lifespan while also increasing the amount of evenly distributed light. These work the best in areas where lighting control isn’t a necessity, but quality illumination is needed. Large areas with high ceilings are wonderful environments for Eggcrate diffusers because of their functionality and aesthetic. Diffuser Specialist carries a great selection of Eggcrate diffusers for just about any room where fluorescent lighting is used.

AL Series: Straight Blade Aluminum Louver

This Eggcrate diffuser is designed to create lighting in places such as hospitals, department stores and other commercial settings, walkways, and elevators. They come in an array of sizes to fit most standard fluorescent lights and provide quality lighting that is comfortable. Since they are made of aluminum, they are fireproof and are in accordance with fire codes. This is another plus for a commercial setting. They require low amounts of maintenance and have a pleasing aesthetic. Read more about these Eggcrate diffusers here.

Plastic Louvers 45: 1/2” x 1/2” x 1/2”

These Eggcrate diffusers are great for conference rooms, computer rooms, entranceways, and other office style settings. These also allow a good amount of airflow around the lights, which increases the lifespan of the lights with minimal maintenance needs. They are available in many sizes to fit your needs. Read more about these Eggcrate diffusers here.


Plastic Louvers 45: 1/2” x 1/2” x 3/8”

These are very similar to the Eggcrate diffusers shown above but are in different sizes. View these Eggcrate diffusers here.


Ready to Go Eggcrate Diffusers

If you know the amount and what type of Eggcrate diffusers you need, then this is where you need to look. This is our selection of Eggcrate diffusers in ready to go packages. Here you will see different colors, sizes, and styles of Eggcrate diffusers that are easy to order. Just find the Eggcrates you need and order them! View these here.

Eggcrate diffusers are a wonderful choice when designing your fluorescent lighting because of the lighting they provide and the minimal maintenance required for them. Our lighting experts are here to answer any questions you may have about any of our products and will help you decide which diffusers are right for your lighting project. Contact us today for any information on ordering or any of our products.

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